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2014 Cruise Review

2014 Steelers Cruise Summary

In March of 2014, 1800 fans from Pittsburgh to Australia gathered with over 30 current and alumni players and took over an entire ship to the Bahamas. It was a historic event filled with fun, sun and memories to last any fan a lifetime. Hines Ward and Chris Hoke battled in the Steelers Got Talent show and several legends from Super IX and Super Bowl XLIII shared never-before-told stories from behind the scenes of America’s biggest games. Best of all, Pittsburgh Nation came together as one community to make life-long friends from near and far and paint the ocean black and gold. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no fan would want to miss.

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2014 Steelers Cruise Fan Reviews

  • “I could tell that the organizers and players wanted to be sure that all the fans had a great time. Loved how well the players interacted with the fans-they were very gracious. The Play 60 kids programs looked great.”

    - Amy 55 Kittanning, PA

  • “Met some amazing people this week, both from the organization and fans. Great job overall, we really enjoyed ourselves!”

    - Angela 37 Gibsonburg, OH

  • “Was an awesome trip and would definitely go again!!”

    - Melissa 53 Ledyard, CT

  • “You have something in common with everyone on the ship. Wonderful seeing/hearing the Pittsburgh talent!”

    - Ann 56 Parma, PA

  • “What a great environment to make memories and build loyalty to an incredible franchise & brand! I love the Steelers now more than ever!”

    - Rob 38 Loudonville, OH

  • “This was a vacation of my lifetime!”

    - Gina 48 Carencro, LA

  • “The fans and players on cruise were terrific. Great interaction and excellent family time. Chapel mornings were special.”

    - Nick 59, Wilmington, NC

  • “Everyone was so friendly! Would love to sail with them all again!”

    - Dana 31 Springfield, OR

  • “We really love cruises so we loved this concept of sailing with others with a common bond and shared interests. Loved the Steelers logos everywhere.”

    - Naomi 65 Tierra Verde, FL

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